Check Your Labels EVERY TIME!

It is imperative that you check the labels on any food, skin care item or hair care item you purchase every time you purchase it.

Manufacturers can change an ingredient without you realizing. For example, I had been purchasing a soup that I had found in the Natural products isle and quite enjoyed it. The last time I wanted to purchase it, I looked at the ingredients list and discovered that they had added TVP (textured vegetable protein) which, more often than not, is wheat.

You should also be aware that there is gluten hiding in other places such as Rice and Soy beverages, Lotions, creams and cosmetics (if like myself, you suffer from Dermatitis Herpetaformis), Stamps, dollar store envelopes and other gummed labels (who wants to lick them anyway???), toothpaste and mouthwash, Some rice papers and the list goes on. 

You should also make sure you read the “Cautions” Sometimes below the ingredients list you might see “May contain wheat” or “Processed in a plant that processes wheat products”

If you are still in doubt after reading the labels, contact the manufacturer.

I am a great one for googling the company and asking questions.

IMPORTANT!  I have found Foods that say Gluten Free on the front of the package but when you check the ingredients list, you find the disclaimer “Processed in a facility that processes wheat” !!  Check the labels on Gluten Free products too!


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