Safe/Unsafe Food Lists

The most comprehensive list of “safe” food for people with Celiac Disease can be found at will give you alot of information that you can trust to be correct.  Beware of things you read on sites that are not approved by the Celiac Foundation and/or your Physician.

You can find Gluten free food on line but I suggest that you check out Bulk Barn, Canadian Superstores and Zher’s.  That is where I find most of my products.  Walmart and Costco are starting to carry some gluten free items as well.

Some Pizza Stores now offer Gluten free pizza – I would be inclined to check to see if the crusts are rolled on the same counter as the regular crusts, there could be a risk of cross-contamination. You might also like to ask if they bake them directly on the floor of the oven and if there are dedicated pans for the gluten free pizza.

My spouse and I have separate margarine containers so that there is no chance of his bread crumbs getting onto my food.  It sounds a little over the top but I take no chances.


2 thoughts on “Safe/Unsafe Food Lists

  1. Hello Kitty huh?;)
    My boyfriend is also very supportive – I guess we are both lucky girls.

  2. My husband & I had our own butters, mayo, & even toasters (mine is a hello kitty one)hehe. but then my husband just agreed to eat 100% gluten free at home so we just wouldnt have any gluten in the house at all. he said if he wants gluten he can have it at work, which that works out great for me. i am lucky to have such a supportive husband.

    Sophia Smukalla

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