Foods to Question




Milk Products

Milk Drinks

Chocolate milk and other flavoured drinks may contain wheat starch or barley malt


Cheese Spreads or Sauces (e.g. Nacho)

May be thickened/stabilized with wheat.

Flavourings and seasonings may contain wheat.


Flavoured or frozen yogurt

May be thickened/stabilized with a gluten source.

May contain granola or cookie crumbs


Sour Cream

Some low-fat/fat-free may contain modified food starch.


Buckwheat Flour

Pure buckwheat flour is gluten-free. Sometimes buckwheat flour may be mixed with wheat flour.


Rice Cereals

May contain barley malt extract.


Corn Cereals

May contain oat syrup or barley malt extract.


Buckwheat Pasta

Some “soba” pastas contain pure buckwheat flour which is gluten-free but others may also contain wheat flour.


Rice Cakes, Corn Cakes, Rice Crackers

Multigrain often contains barley and/or oats

Some contain soy sauce (may be made from wheat)



Only use pure uncontaminated oats


Baked Beans

Some are thickened with wheat flour


Imitation Crab

May contain fillers made from wheat starch


Dry Roasted Nuts

May contain wheat


Processed Meat Products

May contain fillers made from wheat.

May contain HPP or HVP made from wheat.


Imitation Meats

Often contain wheat or oats.


Dried Fruits

Dates and other dried fruits may be dusted wheat flour to prevent sticking.


Fruits/Veg’s with sauces
Fruit Pie Fillings

Some may be thickened with flour.


French Fries

May contain wheat as an ingredient. Also may have been cooked in oil also used for battered products.


Canned Soups, Dried Soup Mixes, Soup bases and Bouillon Cubes

May contain noodles or barley.
Cream soups are often thickened with flour.
May contain HPP or HVP (from wheat).
Seasonings may contain wheat flour, wheat starch or hydrolysed wheat protein.


Salad Dressings

Seasonings may contain wheat flour or wheat starch.


Milk Puddings/Mixes

Starch source may be from wheat.



Some instant teas, herbal teas, coffee substitutes and other drinks may have grain additives.
Non-dairy substitutes (e.g., rice drinks and soy drinks) may contain barley, barley malt extract or oats.


Lemon Curd

Usually thickened with flour.


Potato, Tortilla Chips and Soy Nuts

Some potato chips contain wheat.
Seasoning mixtures may contain wheat flour, wheat starch or hydrolysed wheat protein.


Baking Powder

Contains starch which may be from wheat.


Seasonings, Seasoning Mixes

May contain wheat flour, wheat starch or hydrolysed wheat protein.


Worcestershire Sauce

May contain malt vinegar which is not gluten-free.

* Used with permission from Gluten-Free Diet, A Comprehensive Resource Guide by Shelley Case, B.Sc., RD – ISBN 1-894022-79-3



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