Gluten Free Sausages



The sausages are gluten, wheat and dairy free.  We have four flavours of sausage currently available (all in 400g packs) as below:

Premium Pork
Gold winner of the 2008 Great Taste Awards
Available:  Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Somerfield, Co-Op, Morrisons, Waitrose, Budgens
Pork & Leek
Available:  Budgens

Pork, Onion & Chive
Available:  Co-Op, Budgens

Pork, Bramley Apple & Somerset Cider
Available:  Sainsburys

These sausages contain no MSG!!

Our new website is being launched this weekend  We are big supporters of Coeliac UK and are getting behind Coeliac Awareness Week (11-17 May) with our ‘Get Tested’ campaign with on pack stickers and an open invitation to sufferers to get in touch with their experiences that we would like to share on our website.


6 thoughts on “Gluten Free Sausages

  1. I would (and do) check all of the ingredients carefully. Have you seen my list ” Unsafe Foods (contain gluten)” ? There is gluten hiding everywhere!
    Thank you for visiting my site and please come again – I have some great “summer” recipes to try (then post)

  2. This is wonderful news to many of us…!!!
    At the same time, I have to ask: Does this product contain any MSG? I have seen lots of reports about G-F Sausages, but too often, I go to the store, read the label and find that it has MSG in it, which is a questionable product and often NOT recommended for folks with Celiac Disease (see the post linked to ).
    IF this sausage is MSG and Gluten-Free, I’m gonna try it for sure…. Please let us know….
    Thanks.. wb

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