Your Belly Knows The Good Gluten Free Restaurants


Getting to know was created to help individuals with dietary restrictions such as celiac disease locate and find delicious food at their favorite restaurants.  The emphasis of is the content – detailed restaurant and menu information in as many locations as possible.  The interface is intentionally clean and simple, allowing users quick and easy access to the information they need. is different from most restaurant websites in that it provides menu items specific to dietary needs at restaurants ranging from national chains to local mom and pop joints. does not include any restaurants without accompanying menu information since the actual menu items is what the users of are looking for to make an appropriate dining decision.  Quality, detailed, accurate restaurant data helps differentiate from the large restaurant listing websites.

Users are encouraged to add their feedback by adding restaurants, menu items and commentary.  The community of gluten free individuals (and other dietary/nutrition groups) is very passionate about their health and nutrition.  It is because of these individuals that is much more than a restaurant database; rather, it is an evolving information-based community growing and being shaped each day into the ultimate resource for food lovers with dietary needs.


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