Sam Mills Corn Pasta is a Hit!!

I have finally tried this corn pasta made by Sam Mills and I don’t think I will go back to rice pasta!


You can find it at,, various specialty stores like Whole Foods, Italian markets, etc.


3 thoughts on “Sam Mills Corn Pasta is a Hit!!

  1. I found that if I cooked the rigatoni a little less and rinsed with cold after after cooking, it was fine.
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  2. My husband is gluten intolerant and likes the SamMills pasta the best. The only complaint that I have is that both times that I have cooked the rigatoni it fell apart to a pile of mush. The other shapes have all held up well. We have had the spaghetti, the penne, the elbows and the small lasagna pieces and they were all great. I will not buy the rigatoni again.

  3. Don’t forget Sam Mills 100% corn pasta d’oro for the Holidays!! It is a wonderfully tasting, firm texture pasta that tastes excellent with any sauce of your choice!! Gluten?? Who needs gluten pasta when there’s Sam Mills Pasta d’oro!!! You can find it on,, Some Shop-rites
    Whole Foods, italian specialy markets and independent stores. The list grows everyday, so stay tuned!! Feel free to contact me at: Happy Thanksgiving!!

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