Do you Need a Doctor who Knows About Celiac Disease??

I stumbled on this Doctor’s blog and felt the need to share with all of you:

 I am a board certified family physician. After being ill with
digestive ailments from the time I was three years old, I was
finally diagnosed with celiac disease five years ago. It took my
husband and three of our four children being diagnosed before me
that lead to my ultimate diagnosis. It was at that time, after
the initial shock wore off, that we decided to make lemonade out
of lemons. I started to do as much research as I could. I was
included in, and completed, the University of Chicago‘s celiac
preceptorship with Dr. Stefano Guandalini and Dr. Carol
Semrad. Armed with all of this knowledge, my husband and I began
to lecture to anyone that would listen. We have done several
lectures for my hospital, Silver Cross Hospital in Joliet,
as well as the Celiac Sprue Association of Greater
Chicago. We are lecturing at the Celiac Sprue Association’s
national convention in Erie come October.
In my office, I diagnose 5-10 new celiacs every month. Much of
the rest of my time is spent on dietary counseling of those
already diagnosed or working up comorbid conditions in those who
are not improving as they should on a gluten-free diet.
I have settled nicely into raising a celiac family and
practicing celiac-based medicine.


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