A Gluten Free Bakery in Nashville


I’ve been gluten free for 2 years now, and even though it felt impossible at first, I did it! Now, I can’t imagine going back. I felt so terrible when I ate anything with gluten. Being a cook since I got my easybake oven when I was 7, I refused to give up all the yummy things I was used to eating. But there is NO WHERE in Nashville to get tasty, fresh baked goods. So, I decided to change that. I started Aunt April’s Bakery. Using tried and true recipes, I believe I can bake goodies that taste as if they are “gluten-filled”. I have partnered with Matteo’s Pizza on Carothers Pkwy in Cool Springs. They offer a gluten-free pizza crust that is made in a dedicated gluten-free room. That’s where I create brownies, muffins, cupcakes, and cookies. I also have two stores in Nashville that carry my goods. That’s the Green Wagon. There are two locations, Sylvan Park (on Murphy Rd.) and East Nashville (corner of 11th and Forrest). So, if you are in the area come try a banana chocolate chip muffin, a fudgy brownie (my husband calls them ‘crack’ brownies because they are addictive) or a loaf of my flaxseed bread!




4 thoughts on “A Gluten Free Bakery in Nashville

  1. Wow! That is exciting news April!
    Thank you for thinking of me and adding the info here 🙂
    Take care of you and let me know when you are ready to advertise your store front/cafe

  2. Check out the website for more locations. We have partnered with The Green Wagon in East Nashville (1100 Forrest Ave.) and will have a store front/cafe opening soon.

  3. You can contact April. Her e-mail address is at the bottom of the post 🙂

  4. My daughter goes to Vanderbilt University in Nashville and is gluten free. Her 21st BDay is next week and I am looking for a gluten free cake and to have it delivered. Can you help me with this? Thanks.

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