A Resourceful and Truly Helpful Site for Anyone Dealing With Gluten Issues or Celiac Disease

tina turbin


I am a published children’s author, researcher writer and humanitarian became extremely interested in the subjects of gluten free, gluten sensitive and celiac disease a number of years ago. I experienced numerous years of going around in circles with tests and doctors and finding no “diagnosis” to my many symptoms I was experiencing. I finally resorted to doing my own research, and with the abundance of data available on the Net, I felt I was onto something. Why had I not been tested for celiac disease or gluten sensitivity or gluten allergy?


Delayed diagnosis can put people at risk for certain types of cancer and many other associated conditions, including infertility. Early diagnosis of celiac disease is actually quite easy and carries many advantages.


I have been actively involved in this area of research, writing, meetings and working with MANY specialists as well as developing gluten-free recipes. I am a mom with concerns for any child or adult not being diagnosed. I feel a need to do my part to ensure people are properly informed and know the signs of the various adverse affects gluten can have. I am happy to say I have a very informative and helpful site with helpful advice, references and many wonderful people and professionals help me on the site as well. Please visit and share my site and do share your replies on my blog, sign up for my Newsletter and help make your life and others better by being properly and sufficiently informed.


l wish you a very healthy and high quality of life!


As a side not: The reason (the real reason) that research is not backed up financially by our government to this one auto-immune disease is the simple fact that there is no money to be “made” by the drug companies nor the pharmacies. The way to handle this disease is simply to remove gluten from our diet, no a magic costly pill. There is no logical reasoning behind the fact that doctors -in-training should not be fully and duly educated for the signs and symptoms of celiac disease or gluten intolerance. If you agree with me on this point, help me by connecting up at my site. Let’s help Dr. Peter Greene at the Celiac Disease Center at Columbia University get the support he needs and deserves. I have a plan to help bring this about and it will not cost any of us a dime. Just sign up for my Newsletter and you will be informed over the next couple months! It is exciting and will help him loads.

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