Custom Choice Cereal at a Glance (Gluten Free)

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Custom Choice Cereal, LLC

4220 Apex Highway, Suite 160

Durham, North Carolina 27713



Custom Choice Cereal is a start-up company with the goal of expanding the currently limited options that consumers living on a gluten-free diet face when searching for cereal. Through an intuitive online platform, the company allows users to customize their own cereal mixes according to individual preferences. Consumers have the option to choose a gluten-free cereal base and add any combination of their favorite dried fruits, nuts, and seeds to their cereal. All mixes are created in a dedicated gluten-free facility before they are shipped conveniently to the customers’ home.
To ensure that each cereal mix is entirely gluten-free and safe to consume, the company only sources naturally gluten-free ingredients from local suppliers. In addition, each incoming ingredient is tested for potential gluten-contamination.

Custom Choice Cereal is located in the Research Triangle ParkTM in North Carolina and went online in October, 2009. The company’s website can be reached at and includes a helpful blog with daily updates. Custom Choice Cereal is also on facebook and Twitter:



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