They have done it again!!

Are these the best tasting organic brown jasmine rice crisps in the world?

Try these wheat free, gluten-free snacks and decide for yourself.

Are you into organic food snacks? Are you gluten sensitive? Are you a lover of organic brown jasmine rice?Good. Then you’ll simply love, love, love our new simplyrice™ organic brown jasmine rice crisps, the cracker snacks made with the natural goodness that comes from a crisp that’s so simple it’s made with as few as four 100% organic, gluten free, wheat free ingredients: brown jasmine rice, sunflower oil, sea salt and organic seasonings.

(Oh, we also make simplyrice™ crisps with 100% organic sunshine, undoubtedly the most organic ingredient on earth.)

Give your taste buds a good reason to be happy.

Try a bag yourself and see if you can resist these irresistible 100% organic crisps.

To hear about this new snack, turn up your speakers and listen.


2 thoughts on “They have done it again!!

  1. Have you tried to find them on the net? I found them at the Zher’s in Barrie, Ontario but only once.
    Try checking out Amazon or The Gluten Free Mall.

  2. I love these crackers, but can’t find them anywhere. I’ve searched all the Metro stores in my area and the store has even tried to order some for me. Where do you get them?

    It’s one of the only crackers I have found that my daughter can eat…and I like them too.

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