Traditional Home Cooked Greek Meals

What I do is work with people on and individual basis, I take the list of food their doctors give them with
ingredients that they can have , can’t have and things they’d rather not have and develop recipes. I then prepare a weeks
worth of meals, main dish, side, dessert and appetizer or soup and deliver to their homes once a week for a low price. I try
to use only organic and fresh ingredients. No dairy (unless specified), No gluten/wheat. I try to take everyday meals like
Shrimp Lo Mein and make it gluten/wheat free, rice pudding (using organic brown rice), lasagna using vegetables and non-dairy
vegan gluten free mozzarella, chocolate molten cake with arrowroot and soy milk and coconut flour.

Katherine Haidar
317 657 8084
Greek Cooking Classes & Provide

Of  “We Make You Bake” and “Sweet Treats To Go”
Traditional Home Cooked Greek Meals


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