Gluten Free suga’pies

suga’ pies was founded by Kelsey Smith, a midwestern girl who braved the move out west to California.

While she adores the “big city” lifestyle of living in los angeles, her kansas family is always close to her heart, and she thrives on keeping her family traditions of hosting and sharing great food!

Pies have always been a special part of Kelsey’s life.  her grandma was known for her delectable homemade pies which she would bake every sunday for the perfect end to a home-cooked family dinner.  she recruited Kelsey as her helper at a young age, from which the recipes and technique were passed down…

In baking pies as gifts for her los angeles friends, Kelsey has found great joy (as have they!)

Hence, suga’ pies was born!  We are a made-to-order pie delivery service for all of los angeles!

In addition to traditional pies, we offer a new spin on gift baskets – we call themlolli-pies, and an arrangement of these will put a boring old flower bouquet to shame!  We also offer turnovers, mini-pies… anything your little pie-loving heart can desire, we can probably create.  and for those with special dietary restrictions, have no fear!  Almost all of our pies can be made vegangluten free, or with no added sugar! (Please place your orders from here)


Phone:    323.304.5350

eFax:    213.402.2488



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