Health Canada’s New Proposal For Gluten Free Labelling

There have been many rumours and alot of speculation about this new proposal.

I suggest you get the information from the source.

Here is the link, read the proposal very carefully.


5 thoughts on “Health Canada’s New Proposal For Gluten Free Labelling

  1. I apologize for the type-o in paragraph 4…it should read “deregulated.”

    I also didn’t include that wheat, gluten, dairy ( cow) products were the culprits triggering my allergies.

    These are also the foods in our mainstream markets with the most contaminates at the base level.

    Chemical saturation and GM contamination of wheat, soy and yellow corn.
    Growth hormones and all the antibiotics that is common practice in the dairy and poultry industry.


  2. This is a wonderfully informative blog. Thank you all for being willing to share your personal life so others may find relief.

    I’m the editor of the “Earth Wise” column at WE Magazine. That is where I came across your blog.

    I don’t have nearly the challenges with my health that many do…but, I was on the road to a downhill spiral when I decided to make drastic changes.

    For many years I dealt with allergies that just reaked havoc on my daily life.
    Allergies that eventually caused asthma symptoms, meds that deregulation my blood pressure and a host of little things that turned into bigger things.

    With all these things that made me feel less than good I was still considered by my MD to be in good health. * smile*

    When she started pushing prescription after prescription at me I knew I had to find another way.

    I had a complete evaluation with a Homeopath doctor and discovered I was so low in all the much needed vitamins and minerals that our system has to have to function well.

    I own and work an herb farm…outside in the sunshine everyday and my Vitamin D level was 17…30+ being the least it should ever be. I’m 69 years old and not one doctor has ever suggested testing for any levels of these much needed ingredients.

    I also discovered I had a heavy build up of 3 heavy metals in my system…and 90% of the population does…we are constantly exposed to many things that we haven’t a clue about. Never had a doctor suggest a testing for this either.

    Now, I’ve gone through 2 years of cleaning my system out, adding the key ingredients and being more aware than ever about what I put in and on my body.

    I’ve always been an advocate for chemical free foods, the right to know where our food comes from and how it is processed before it ends up on our dinner tables.

    Mainstream business ( large & corporate business ) is only about the bottom line…no room for anything else.
    Government ( big business ) is only about the political ramifications of other big businesses. ( no room for the well being of the masses )

    I’ve said all this to say this…I’m certainly not bashing MD’s, they do what they are trained to do…treat the symptom, not find the cause.

    But, until our Western medicine system and the Natural medicine system can be on the same team we will not be able to stop some of the major diseases that are killing our population in huge numbers.

    Cancer is food and environmentally caused…( they can’t make an issue of this because it is one of the biggest and most profitable industry’s in this country.)

    **There is no profit in well and healthy people.**

    When one really educates ones self about what is in and on our food, in the products we use on our body and in our homes on a daily basis…then one has a clear understanding of why we have more sick people than ever before even with the best of medical options than ever before.

    PS: I am now totally allergy free, asthma free, in better health than ever in my entire life.

    All from a few simple test and corrections of some major missing ingredients.

    Most all disease’s are caused by toxins that build and cause other issues.
    ( isn’t it sad that a doctor can’t or won’t say to a sick patient….let’s do a major testing of just what is and isn’t in your system)

    I was dismissed by my MD because I refused to take a prescription for something I knew I could manage another way.

    This is word for word what she said to me 2 years ago. ” when a patient refuses to follow the doctors orders or to take a medication suggested, the insurance company will refuse to pay the doctor until the patient becomes cooperative.”

    I wasn’t very happy and we agreed on a parting of the ways.

    Don’t be shy about asking/demanding if push comes to shove about what you think you need and why you can’t have it. “You” are the only one with your best interest in the forefront.

    I feel strongly that one will never be as healthy as they are meant to be using only a medical doctor…intergrate a natural doctor and care into your wellness program and you will never be the same…that is a good thing!

    Another good point to know…when your system is out of balance it doesn’t matter what or how much of a good thing you are putting into it…most just get flushed or misguided into a more negative use.

    Thanks for allowing me to share and I’ll bookmark your blog…a very useful one indeed.

    Have a blessed day~

  3. Although they have made it clear that they are only talking about certified gluten free oats, I still think it is wrong since so many Celiacs have an issue with even certified oats.
    I stand with you. I also believe that unless they can prove that the oat field is a safe distance from the wheat, rye or barley field, they should be allowed to certify them anyway. (The standards for that, from what I understand, are far too lenient)
    We should be tightening up on this stuff, not slacking off. Is the government just trying to make it ealier for businesses to make a buck or do they really think they are looking after our interests?

  4. Out of curiosity – what is your stance on this proposition? Since you said you are able to tolerate “pure uncontaminated” oats do you think the labeling should be allowed to add this? You know where i stand 😉

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