Gluten Free Chocolate From Aardens Chocolates

Many chocolate shops claim they make their own chocolates. We’re one of them and we’re being truthful!

As Europeans we only know how to make the true Artisan treats you’ll remember from way back. Of course it’s impossible to make them in the same way as in the beautiful movie Chocolat, (we’d be literally working day and night to keep up) but we stay true to recipes 100 years old and you can taste it!

We make endless assortments with semisweet, bittersweet, milk and white chocolate.

All ganache fillings, butter creams and caramel are made from scratch… we even roast the almonds and hazelnuts ourselves.. just to give that extra flavour to the barks.

Our chocolates have NO PRESERVATIVES to extend their shelf life and are GLUTEN FREE with the exception of some items we carry such as lemon and orange peels. When not 100% sure, please always ask us!


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