Korean Beef Stir-fry

This recipe is gluten free, low in sugar and high in fibre.  It is also delicious!


3 tbs unsweetened apple juice

2 tbs GF soy sauce

2 tbs cornstarch

1 tbs olive oil

8 oz of thinly sliced flank steak (trim the fat)

1 tbs chopped garlic

2 tsp chopped jalapeno pepper

1 ½ tsp chopped ginger

4 cups bean sprouts (washed and squeezed dry)

6 oz chopped baby spinach

¼ cup chopped cilantro

1 tsp toasted sesame oil

2 tbs toasted sesame seeds (see below)


Combine apple juice, soy sauce and cornstarch in a small bowl.

In a very large pan, over med-high, heat the olive oil.

Cook the steak strips until seared on one side.

Add the garlic, jalapeno peppers and ginger

Cook, stirring, for about 30 seconds.

Add bean sprouts and spinach.

Pour in apple juice mixture and stir gently until the sauce thickens (about 3 minutes)

Stir in cilantro and sesame oil.

Plate and top with sesame seeds.

Toasted sesame seeds

Heat a small DRY skillet over low heat.

Add seeds and stir constantly until golden and fragrant.

Transfer to a small bowl and allow to cool.


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