Celiac and Where to Find Help

The best person to talk to about Celiac disease is your doctor or someone you know who has CD but if that can’t happen, check the internet.  Use words such as “celiac” “gluten” “gluten free” “digestive disorders” and “bowel disorders”

The internet is a wonderful tool for finding information about anything but beware!

There are sites that will give you misinformation (usually accidentally) and some will take advantage of those who know nothing about the subject and try to sell them products that they either don’t need or shouldn’t have.

The following list are the places I trust to give me true information:

The last two on the list will give you product reviews and recipes as well as information.

Government sites will give you accurate information always.

Once you learn all you can about this disease, I urge you to do whatever you can to help raise awareness and to help others who are newly diagnosed.  Not only will you be doing a good thing for others but you will make yourself feel good too!

Take care of you:D


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