How to Cook Quinoa

Follow these steps for perfect quinoa every time.
1. Rinse quinoa well before you cook it. (the water will become almost clear after 3 or 4 rinses)
2. Use 1 ½ cups water for each cup of quinoa.
3. Place a lid on the pot and do not lift it until the cooking time is done.
4. Once the cooking time is up, remove the pot from the heat and allow to sit for about 10 minutes before you lift the lid.
5. Fluff with a fork

NOTE: If you want flavouring in your quinoa, stir them in prior to cooking.


3 thoughts on “How to Cook Quinoa

  1. I have heard that you can pop quinoa as if it were corn. Is this true ?
    If so, my hubby would be soooo happy.

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