GF Overflow

I just became aware of a wonderful and helpful new site.

”Search, browse, and discover thousands of gluten-free foods and products. GF Overflow makes gluten-free living easy.”

A little background…from the site

“My dad was diagnosed with Celiac Disease over 10 years ago when I was in high school, and we had a tough time converting to and keeping a gluten-free kitchen. I know how difficult a process it can be to find everyday foods that are gluten-free, and was often very frustrated by the process.

Things have improved a lot in the past 10 years in terms of labeling and information available from food manufacturers, but I still see a lot of room for improvement. Even now, I occasionally come over to cook dinner at my parents’ house and find myself having to leaf through notebooks trying to find whether a specific brand of margarine, ketchup, or spice is gluten-free.

Instead of continually wishing there was a better way, I decided to build one!

The site is free and currently lists over 2,700 products across a wide variety of categories. I’ll be working continuously to update and improve the selection of foods. You can search by keywords (“frozen pizza”, “cookies”, “pasta sauce”, etc) to find matching gluten-free foods, or just browse through categories to see everything available. I launched the site earlier this week, and while it has a pretty extensive list of products in it, it’s still very much a work in progress.”


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