Am I Crazy? Or Does My Theory Hold Water?

This post is slightly (but not completely) off topic.
I recently read an article about a fungus called UG99 that will wipe out whole crops of wheat. How does that affect me as a Celiac who can’t consume wheat anyway?
I’ll tell you my theory. Keep in mind this is my theory and there is no base in fact but it makes sense to me.
Stem rust (a form of the same kind of fungus) destroyed more than 20% of US wheat crops several times between 1917 and 1935. In the 1950’s, wheat crop losses due to stem rust reached as high as 9% twice.
The last outbreak in 1962, destroyed 5.2 percent of US wheat crops.
Here is the part that explains my theory. Scientists started breeding new strains of wheat that would be more resistant to the rust. I believe that the fiddling they did with the wheat could be part of the reason there has been such an increase in the incidence of Celiac disease.
Right now, there is a strain of stem rust called UG99 in Africa, Asia and the Middle East
UG99 was named for Uganda where it was identifies in 1999. It then spread to Kenya, Ethiopia, Sudan and Yemen. The scariest part is that it is becoming more virulent as it spreads! So what are the scientists doing? They are working on breeding more new strains of wheat to be resistant to UG99.
I really hope that my theory is incorrect or we may be looking at a lot more than 1 in 133 people having Celiac disease.


3 thoughts on “Am I Crazy? Or Does My Theory Hold Water?

  1. I was just thinking this very same thing after watching a documentary on the gentleman who was credited for introducing the “shuttle breeding” concept and the hybridization of wheat strains to “stomp out hunger” and feed the world, etc. After watching the show (PBS) and then going to sleep for the night, I woke up with the thought that perhaps the rust had some beneficial factor and that the cross breeding altered the wheat enough to cause digestive problems in humans because of it’s resistance to the rust. I’ve not been diagnosed as celiac but well am aware of it’s allergenic effects as of recent.

  2. Yes. A study might just prove (or disprove) my theory.
    Thanks for visiting and for taking the time to comment 🙂

  3. That’s a very interesting theory and I see no reason why it couldn’t be possible. If the food itself is altered then it stands to reason that people may react to it differently.

    I hope someone does a study on this!

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