Bullies are Everywhere

I have been speaking to a few of my friends who have allergies and Celiac disease and was actually surprised to find that I am not the only one who has be “bullied”
About a year after I developed an allergy to alcohol, I had “friends” try to slip some alcohol into my glass of pop.
I have also had people try to get me to eat foods that they said were gluten free (but I knew differently)
These people were not trying to be malicious. Some of them think my allergies and Celiac are all in my head or made up and wanted to see if I really would have a reaction.
Others thought they were being funny (DUH!)
One of my friends with a peanut allergy was telling me that she had a co-worker putting crushed peanut shells in my friend’s desk drawer!
We, as adults, can take steps to help ourselves when we are being bullied. My peanut-free friend is now co-worker free (She reported the co-worker and the woman was let go and the police were called as well)
I removed myself from the “friends” who tried to feel me my particular poisons.
Kids, who are being bullied in this manner, can’t always find a productive way to handle the situation. We, as adults, need to step in and help.
We need to talk to the parents of the offending children and explain to them that their child needs to stop the behaviour.
We need to talk to teachers, aides and principals about watching for this kind of behaviour in their schools. They should be asked to address the issue with the entire student body.
The most important thing for all of us to do is to educate everyone we come into contact with about Celiac, and allergies about how detrimental (And sometimes fatal) this kind of behaviour can be.


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