Celiac and Natural Medicine

As you read this article and those that will follow, please do not consider dropping your doctor. Holistic medicine would be used in conjunction with you family physician.

I recently went to see a Woman named Serena, who has a holistic practice because I was getting frustrated with my doctor, who would not look at all of my issues as a whole.

I am also tired of hearing “Take this pill” or “Use this cream” and developing side effects and no relief for the original complaint.

Serena has Celiac disease so she understands many of my problems. As a matter of fact, I attended a seminar about Celiac disease that Serena had given shortly after I was diagnosed.  In that seminar, I learned an incredible amount of information on how to live gluten free. Serena’s seminar was what inspired me to start http://www.glutenfreewithauntjayne.com

We spent 2 ½ hours together. We went over my personal medical history as well as the histories of my family members.

She asked about any traumas in my life as well as surgeries, hospital stays etc.

The last 40 minutes or so were spent explaining to me that my villi have most likely not healed completely due to the fact that I was Celiac for 50 years before being diagnosed.

Serena also, in those 40 minutes explained that most of my issues were caused by low iron, magnesium and a few other things.

I also learned that the reason I am having so much trouble losing weight (Who are we kidding, I have been gaining!) is that my villi are unable to extract what I need from my food and my body thinks it is starving. Because my body thinks it is starving, it is storing fat. She told me that I need to use chewable, sublingual or liquid vitamins and supplements.

I learned the importance of probiotics and how they work in the body.

Serena suggested that I have allergy tests done again as it has been about 15 years since the last tests.  She also gave me a list of tests for my family doctor to do for me.

I came out of that office armed with a list of suggestions that included (all liquid, chewable or sublingual) Melatonin to help me sleep, probiotics, vitamin supplements and most importantly, hope.  I have hope that the muscle cramps will stop.  I have hope that I will finally be able to lose weight!  I have hope that so many of the issues I have been dealing with for most of my life will go away! (Or at least lessen)

Serena is going to meet me in the Natural Health store on Thursday and I will get started with my new regimen that day.

I will follow up with you and keep you apprised of my improvements.

Stay tunedJ


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