Celiac And How It Feels To Be “Glutened”

How Being “Glutened” Affects Me
I am very careful to read labels and I cook about 90% of all the foods I consume, but we are all human and therefore mistakes are made.
When I accidentally consume something containing gluten (this includes cross contamination) I get quite sick in a very short period of time. Within an hour of ingesting the offending foods, I experience the following:
Bloating Pain just below the bottom ribs
Stomach cramps
Over the following day or two, this happens:
More diarrhea
Dermatitis Herpetiformis (usually on my head)
Headache Body ache (probably from the diarrhea)
Brain fog
Depending on how sensitive you are and how much gluten you ingest, your symptoms could be anywhere from non-existent to severe.
If you are newly diagnosed, I am sorry I can’t give you a more definitive set of symptoms to look for.
If you have been “glutened”, please leave a comment with your particular set of symptoms.


3 thoughts on “Celiac And How It Feels To Be “Glutened”

  1. I suffer those symptoms as well, but more immediate:

    -within about 10 minutes I begin (almost violently) burping
    -followed by very noxious flatulence after about 20 minutes
    -within an hour my entire body bloats from head to toe, but most concentrated in my middle section
    -a small amount usually leads to constipation, but a large amount gives me diarreah.

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