How to Survive Your Family Christmas Party

Now, if it is possible, you might want to host the party yourself. That way you know that the bulk of the food is gluten free and if someone accidentally cross-contaminates the food on the serving table, you still have your own food to fall back on. (I sound so paranoid, don’t I?)
As most of my readers are aware, I have Celiac disease, type 2 diabetes and many food allergies. These things make my social life interesting to say the least.
I am going to our family Christmas party in a couple of weeks. Because my parents are a little long in the tooth and find traveling a pain (literally) we are doing a pot luck at their house.
First of all, mother is cooking a turkey without stuffing and her famous rice salad sans shrimp (I am allergic to shellfish)
My sister is making a potato salad that is safe for me as well.
Another sister will be bringing a veggies tray and a bean salad.
I am making a raspberry trifle and some other gluten free (and vegan) goodies.
The raspberry trifle recipe (not vegan) will be posted on here in the next week or so.
I am also making black bean brownies, crisped rice squares, hello dollies, and a few new recipes (those will be posted sometime after the party)
I will also be taking some Brazilian cheese buns and of course there will be cheese and pickles and other safe nibbles as well.
We have done this before and it worked out very well.
If you need recipes, I have tons here and on my other blog


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