Celiac and Being Snowbound

Because heavy snow or freezing rain etc. can down hydro wires and close highways and roads, sometimes for days at a time, a Celiac in Canada needs to be ready to hunker down, keep warm and survive.
We have a portable generator (It should be checked every autumn to be sure it runs well), at least one can of gasoline for the generator. If you gasoline will be hanging around for a few months, be sure to add a stabilizer.
We also have a BBQ which we use year round anyway. This can be used for cooking and for boiling water for hot drinks etc. (Never use a BBQ indoors)
Stock up in the fall, on gluten free canned foods, fruit and vegetable juices, energy bars, trail mix, peanut butter crackers, etc. (be sure you have a manual can opener) You will also want to use up the foods that are in your fridge and freezer. Families with infants will need to stock up on formula, diapers etc. too.
You will also need plenty of water for drinking and flushing the toilet. (We have a well which requires hydro – no electricity =no water)
The best way to stay warm, is to have everyone stay in one room and run a small heater off the generator (unless it is powerful enough to run your furnace) If you are able to plug your furnace into your generator, keep it set cooler than you normally would and bundle up with warm clothing and blankets.
You will need light as well, so I recommend battery operated lanterns (keep plenty of batteries in your fridge) We also have some mechanically powered flashlights – no batteries required.
Your portable handsets for your phones will not be working and the cell towers might not be working either. Keep an old fashioned phone plugged in so that you can call for help if needed or get weather updates etc. You should also have a battery operated radio.
To keep children occupied, you can make it a “camping trip” Sing camping songs, dance (this will help keep you warm), tell stories etc. (You can also look through old photo albums and year books)
It is important to be prepared. Be sure you know exactly where to find your generator, extra blankets, flashlights, lanterns, portable heaters etc. Also be sure all heaters are Safety Standards approved and never leave them unattended or leave a child alone with them. A battery operated CO2/smoke detector is a must.
Don’t forget your medications! If you take blood pressure pills, insulin, etc. be sure to always have plenty on hand.


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