I Am Glutenless!

I have been living gluten free now for almost 4 years and I think I have finally figured everything out. That is not to say I have learned everything yet – far from it, but I have a pretty good handle on things.
It’s funny, because I thought I had it figured out 3 years ago!
Reading back through my old posts, I was tempted to delete some of them and although they don’t give the best advice, they don’t give any misinformation so I am leaving them.
The most important thing that has changed over these past few years is that I have learned to cook and bake gluten free in such a way that my boyfriend now HAPPILY eats the same as me! He actually prefers my gluten free perogies over the frozen ones we used to buy,
My house, with very few exceptions, is now gluten free.
The exceptions being that my boyfriend eats regular pizza and Kraft dinner when I am working nights or away for a few days. He also eats wheat and rye breads and so we have separate margarine and condiment containers (I don’t eat very many condiments) to keep him from contaminating me with crumbs etc.
My pantry is constantly evolving, partly because I am an obsessive organizer.
My job requires me to work 12 hour days and nights on a continental shift so when I get my days off, one of them (sometimes more) is dedicated to cooking and baking so that I will have gluten free foods and snacks for work. I also like to make at least one new thing on these days. I take old recipes and convert them to gluten free.
I do not rely on gluten free products, I make my own foods from scratch. This makes living free a little less expensive and I am consuming way less additives, preservatives, dyes etc. This started out as a bit of a challenge for me but lucky for you, it is all here on this blog!
I have no more DH because I have figured out where there was hidden gluten and all of my soaps, shampoos, cleaning products etc. are all gluten free. I am also feeling healthy for the first time in my life largely due to the fact that a homeopath figured out that my villi were still damaged and I was not absorbing the vitamins and minerals that I needed.
The bottom line here is that once you accept that you can never eat gluten again and you figure it out, living gluten free is easy. (A little more expensive but easy)


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