Sticking to it!

Posted by Naturenut on March 13, 2011 at 8:45pm in General Questions/Discussions on

After my previous cry-baby, indecisive posts, I am happy to say I am on day 37 gluten-free and will remain that way forever! It took a couple of weeks to even start coming back to life, but so far:
*My energy has come flooding back in droves.
*My tummy, face, whole body has deflated and continues to (I no longer look 6 months prego).
*I feel like building a bridge vs. jumping off one.
*My skin color is returning, along with my cheekbones and libido.
I’m sure a host of other internal processes are returning to normal as well. It’s amazing! I have no desire whatsoever to eat the poison again. (McD’s fries are my only biggest temptation left.)
I have found a fabulous gluten-free white pizza for delivery, baked scrumptious GF cakes and pies, and do not feel deprived one little bit. I stood up for myself at a family banquet, called ahead, felt special in fact, with my “made-just-for-me” meal 😉 I didn’t send anyone to Hades (almost) for teasing me. I’ve even gone out for Chinese and the hostess “got it”. It helped so much that the small restaurant has another regular GF client and knew what to do.
So I’m LOVING it! and LIVING it!
I would recommend:
1.Keep a journal at home to track symptoms, emotions, thoughts so you can see the improvement. Write affirmations to yourself, like why you are worthy of being healthy and that you do have the strength to stand up for yourself and stay well.
2. Keep a note in your purse/wallet/pocket reminding you why you are eating gluten-free in case you feel like slipping. Write down “I am Gluten Intolerant. Gluten makes me sick….(write symptoms down).
3. Practice replying to ignorant or “non-believing” friends, family and strangers about your “special” diet.
4. Avoid diagnosing friends or relatives whose symptoms are screaming Celiac! The best you can do is inform them of the possibility and your availability to help, but the rest is up to them. Some people really would rather live in their misery than change. You “do” YOU.
5. Read books about Celiac/Gluten Sensitivity, they can be real eye-openers. Learn specifically how the digestive system works, where/how nutrients are absorbed. This helped me realize how much food is everything to health and exactly how things go wrong.
6. Don’t be discouraged/confused by tests, doctors, specialists. Listen to your body. There is a place for doctors, surgeons, Rx drugs…but you don’t need one to tell you to stop eating gluten if it makes you sick, and not just gastrointestinal sick.

I just wanted to share what has helped me so far with my lifestyle change.
Please add tips/ideas/motivators that help keep you GF strong!


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