Cheaters Never Prosper!

Have you ever heard the expression “Cheaters never prosper”?  Well, if you have Celiac disease and you “cheat” and eat something with gluten in it, not only will you not prosper, you could die!

Sounds very dramatic, right?  I am serious. 

Those of us who have Celiac disease can have devastating effects from ingesting gluten and we might not even notice.   Gluten destroys the villi in the small intestine and if the behaviour continues, the body loses it’s ability to absorb essential nutrients from the food.  You can literally become malnourished!

I have never cheated since going gluten free in 2007 and I never will.  I hope none of you ever will either.

Take care of you,

Aunt Jayne


4 thoughts on “Cheaters Never Prosper!

  1. I’ve actually never cheated since I was diagnosed either. The repercussions and price for doing so is way too high. I’ve been gluten accidentally every once in a while and that’s bad enough. I can’t imagine any treat worth feeling that horrible and throwing up for days, let alone the long-term effects.

    In a way, I’m lucky that I’m a highly reactive celiac. Negative reinforcement makes it easier to stay GF.

  2. I wish I could say the same about myself! Usually I am good but sometimes I see that piece of wedding cake. Maybe it’s because I’ve had to avoid it for 13-15 years and occasionally I want to gauge the texture and compare it to my gluten-free baked items. 😕

    Awww… Quit complaining Amy, be good like Aunt Jayne. 😉

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