Celiac Disease – Can You Be Born With It?


Here is my take on this.

I know that science proves that Celiac must be triggered (usually by trauma) and therefore you are not born with Celiac Disease.

I contend that many babies experience various levels of trauma during birth.  My birth was very traumatic – brought on by a car accident and I was breach.  I have had Celiac symptoms since birth.  If my traumatic birth did not trigger my Celiac, than perhaps it was having measles and chicken pox together at a little less than three months old.  Either way, I tend to tell people I was born with Celiac Disease.  Am I wrong?  You be the judge.

About auntjayne

A.J's Good Health is my newest adventure. I want to make it easy for you to find gluten free, sugar free, non-GMO, dairy free healthy foods. There is so much more too! Growing your own food, medical breakthroughs.... The blog that started it all for me was www.glutenfreewithauntjayne.com which, at the moment contains recipes that need to converted to dairy free and sugar free.

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