Letter To The Newly Diagnosed Celiac

Dear Newly Diagnosed Celiac;

I have had quite a few newly diagnosed Celiacs contact me lately with the same questions:   What am I going to eat?  Which company makes the best bread?  Which restaurants have gluten free food?  Where can I find a good gluten free (pizza, cake, pie…) I usually give the same basic answer.

First, remember that there are many foods that are naturally gluten free, such as fruits, veggies, meats (unless they are breaded) etc.  

There are some great gluten free products on the market but you need to ask yourself “Do I want all the additives and preservatives that go along with them?” I highly recommend that you make your own foods. Please don’t misunderstand me here. Almost all of the products in your grocery store (whether gluten free or not) have additives and preservatives, otherwise they would not have any kind of a shelf life. I am not telling anyone to avoid the gluten free products in the stores – just think about making healthier choices wherever possible.

If you can, set aside one day per week and make your own foods.   I make large batches of gluten free soups, stews, meats, sauces, etc. and freeze them in meal-sized containers.   It makes life simpler when you are working too.   You just come home from work, throw on some brown rice or Quinoa, cook some veggies, and heat up the frozen foods (thawed in the fridge all day). Dinner is done PDQ!

I have gotten away from eating much bread, but when I want some, I use my “Gluten Free In 5 Minutes Book” and make enough for the meal.

Living gluten free is actually quite easy once you figure out how to cook gluten free and get into a routine. I have always been a fan of routine for everything (A bit of OCD I think) Got questions?  Leave me a comment.

Take care of you,

Love Aunt Jayne XOXO


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